Sand In The Pool?

There are a number of different reasons to have sand in the bottom of your pool. This website is a resource for pool owners who have noticed an accumulation of sand in the bottom of the pool and are looking for information regarding how to resolve this problem. Sand in the bottom of a swimming pool is bad for a number of different reasons:

1) Sand in the bottom of a pool can be an indication of a broken or cracked lateral assembly in the sand filter

2) Removing sand from the bottom of the pool can be difficult and potentially damaging to the pool pump

3) Brown algae is very commonly mistaken for sand in the swimming pool

4) Sometimes sand in the bottom of the pool is normal, like after installing a new filter or changing your filter sand

How To Identify Sand In The Pool

Learning to identify and discern between pool filter problems and water chemistry problems that both look the same is an important part of pool ownership and something that is sure to cost you unnecessary money if you need to call an expert to solve this for you.

If your pool looks like this then you have bigger problems than broken laterals in your filter. You might also have a hole in your liner.

Continue on to the first section that explains the single most common cause for sand in the bottom of the pool: broken filter laterals

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